Determination. Discipline. Hard work. Confidence. Anticipation. Teamwork. Execution. This is what we bring to the field every day.
This is what it takes to be the best.
  • Rhino gave me a chance to play with laxers who really love the game and are good at it. The program not only boosted my confidence as a player, but my skill as well.
    Holden Richards
  • Rhino Lacrosse has both exposed me to the top coaches and levels of competition in the country
    Leo Burby
  • I’ve heard Ryan speak in the past and had an idea about the commitment to kids and the philosophy of Rhino. That’s why I sent my kids to your camp rather than some of the other local options in Saratoga. One need only listen to the positive language used and see the interaction between coaches and kids to understand what a truly impactful program Rhino has become.
    Elaine- Saratoga Springs, New York
  • I really appreciated the small group instruction and personalized attention by coaches. Both of my boys said it was the best camp they have ever attended. First year for my high schooler and 3rd for middle school. My favorite part is the boys coming home tired with BIG smiles.
    2014 Boise Academy Parent
  • This was my favorite camp! My mom talked me into going, and I'm glad she did. ... I want to do Rhino camp next year! I also really like our coaches, I think they had high expectations, and worked us pretty hard, but in an enjoyable way!
    2014 Boise Academy Camper
  • Amazing coaching staff! Really helped teach kids lacrosse from beginner to advanced.
    2014 West Linn Academy Parent
  • I love that my kid was fired up for lacrosse after the camp and that he hasn't put his stick down!
    2014 West Linn Academy Parent
  • Amazing coaching staff. Really helped teach kids lacrosse from beginner to advanced.
    2014 West Linn Academy Parent
  • The whole experience was great, from being treated like "one of the family" to the fact that every morning, Jack woke up excited to get to camp, and play with kids who were equally motivated to learn and get better.
    2014 West Linn Academy Parent
  • We were continuously impressed with the enthusiasm of the coaches, the continuous positive reinforcement, the immediate name recognition, the variety of drills, the position specific training, and the one-on-one pointers provided to enhance my son's game.
    2014 Flagstaff Academy Parent
  • I have bragged about this camp since I left.....I spread the word to lax kids and their parents we met in the hotel lobby in Denver for the Denver shootout. We have also put a picture of the camp participants on our local team FB page and have many committed to going next year! We will definitely be back and plan to bring a huge SWAG contingency with us! Awesome experience....a sincere thank you!
    2014 Flagstaff Academy Parent