February 28, 2021


Total Sports Experience
880 Elmgrove Rd.
Rochester, NY 14624


Teams will have 3-5 players each
Teams will play 3v3 in a backyard full-court style setting
No on field coaching allowed
3V3 Snow Lacrosse Rules
Every team will play 5 games
Games are 10 minutes each


3/4 grade boys
3/4 grade girls
5/6 grade boys
5/6 grade girls
7/8 grade boys
7/8 grade girls
Mens 21+


$125 per team includes team t-shirts
*One team representative will register the team. They will then need to follow instructions in registration system to invite their teammates to register for the team they created. Teams will not be complete until the minimum roster size of 3-5 players is met and all members registered.



Please note that no long poles will be allowed in competition.
All players must be registered with their waivers signed by Thursday, February 25th in order to compete in the Snow Games.

Due to restrictions, each player will be allowed one (1) adult representative down to the fields with them. This adult may not be located on the sidelines and must remain outside the snow-fencing surrounding the fields. All attendees must wear a CDC approved mask at all times and remain 6 or more feet apart from each other. 

If a team must cancel their registration a refund will be issued less a $25 cancellation fee. If the cancellation is within 10 days or less of the event, no refunds will be issued.