CBA Syracuse
6425 Randall Road
Syracuse, NY 13214


2 attack, 2 mid, 2 defense, 1 goalie
Goalie is mandatory on each roster
Suggested roster sizes 10-15 players
4- 30 minute games guaranteed
One championship per division
No long poles allowed
Shortened field sizes
All teams must have matching, numbered uniforms
*if interested in ordering new uniforms, contact info@powelllacrosse.com today!


Boys grades 3-4
Boys grades 5-6
Boys grades 7-8
*based on the 2021-2022 school year

Rosters must be submitted and all players must be registered online by May 13th, 2022

All players must bring their own waters. We will not provide water on the sidelines of the fields. 


$625 total per team
$250 due at registration and full payment is due October 29th, 2021


One team representative will register the team. They will then need to follow instructions in registration system to invite their teammates to register for the team they created. Teams will not be complete until the minimum roster size of 10-15 players is met and all members registered online.


In compliance with the updated CDC guidelines, all who are vaccinated do not have to wear face masks. Per NYS/CDC, immunocompromised and unvaccinated people shall continue to wear a mask and social distance.  We ask that you please be respectful, don’t assume, and carry PPE (mask). If someone within 6 feet of you is wearing a mask, it’s for a reason. Regardless of if they are immunocompromised, unvaccinated or simply uncomfortable, pay attention and please be respectful.

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