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ELF Player Registration

All Players Must Complete The Ellicottville Lacrosse Festival Player Registration to be eligible to participate

Note to the Coaches & Team Managers

We look forward to hosting you and your team(s) at the upcoming Ellicottville Lacrosse Festival!

Player Registration // Waiver and Release of Liability Details: 

All Player registration is paperless and must be completed online. Once a team is registered, all players must individually register online to be eligible to play.  During this process, each player will complete and electronically sign the tournament waiver and medical release. 

As the team coach/representative you must submit a complete team roster to by September 18th, 2019. 

As the team representative, it is your responsibility to manage and verify that each of your players has completed their wavier prior to September 18th, 2019. 

Locating Your Current List of Registered Players: 

To see your currently registered players for The Ellicottville Lacrosse Festival Follow these simple steps: 

 1. Log in with your SportsEngine account on our website (

2. Navigate to The Ellicottville  Festival under our main Tournament tab.  When hovering over Ellicottville  Festival you will see your team name at the bottom of that drop-down.  That page will contain your currently registered players.

Again, it is important to be logged into your SportsEngine account since your specific page is only viewable to you and the email associated with your teams' registration. 

*If players listed on your team that are incorrect please contact Your team roster is automatically updated when each player registers for your team during the Player Registration. If they are not on your team page they have either registered incorrectly and will need to correct their registration or have not completed the registration. 

Any player that is not registered by September 18th, 2019 will not be eligible to play in the tournament until their registration is complete and their waiver has been signed.

The Registration "ELF Player Registration " is not currently available.