Rhino Blazin’ Box Development

Rhino Lacrosse is proud to partner with The Blaze Upstate Lacrosse Club and the Rochester Knighthawks to offer Box Lacrosse training and development. Under the direction of Ryan Powell, Tim Soudan and the Rochester Knighthawks, we will teach indoor strategies and tactics to extend the field lacrosse skill sets of our players. The Rhino Blazin’ Box Development program will be true Box Lacrosse and will consist of 7 training sessions. The training sessions will be used as a tryout for players to be selected to compete for the Jr. Knighthawks program at a box lacrosse tournament to be determined in January.


Box Skills Emphasize:

  • Confidence in Stick Skills in Tight Space
  • Defensive Footwork and body position
  • Motion Offense Principles
  • Shooting while moving feet
  • Cutting and Finishing
  • Proper Shot Fakes
  • Shot Location
  • Disrupting Feeders/Shooters with Checks
  • Transition Offense and Defense
  • Setting picks, slips and screens
  • Off ball movement


What is Box Lacrosse?


Box Lacrosse is an indoor version of lacrosse that began in North America by the Iroquois Confederacy but is now played by 15 nations. Lacrosse is the national sport of Canada where Box Lacrosse is the preferred way to play as opposed to field lacrosse. Box Lacrosse is played between two teams of five players and one goalie each, and is played on an indoor surface the same size as an ice hockey rink.


Box Lacrosse has become a very popular option for players to improve their stick skills and lacrosse IQ. It is growing rapidly in the United States with many traditional Box Lacrosse players on NCAA Division I rosters. Americans like Ryan Powell, Tim Soudan and Casey Powell have paved the way for other field players to have success with box lacrosse and the number of Americans on NLL rosters grows by the year. Many American box lacrosse players will say that box lacrosse is as fun, if not more, that field lacrosse and the atmosphere of playing box lacrosse at the professional level is like none other.


There are very few programs in Upstate New York who teach traditional box lacrosse and we truly feel that box lacrosse will give players an incredible advantage when it comes to their field game. Attackmen being forced to play defense in box lacrosse will give them confidence in those instances during field lacrosse and vice versa. Defensemen using a short stick in box lacrosse forces them to use proper footwork and angles to defend their goal.


With the new addition of Your Sports Depot (YSD), we feel that lacrosse players in the Rochester Area now have an upper hand in traditional box lacrosse training and the staff at Rhino and Blaze Lacrosse is committed to the development of all our players who come through the program.

Rhino Blazin’ Box Development Session II



This program is open to boys currently in 5th-11th grade



6 Thursday Training Sessions (Both Fields):
January 12, 19, 26 February 2, 9, 16 from 6pm to 9pm



Your Sports Depot

856 Route 441

Walworth, NY 14568



Tom Emmick

Bill Maher

Blaze Riorden

Mike Riorden

Jon Hand

Brad Gillies

*Will also feature guest coaches including Rochester Knighthawks players



$185 *Includes box lacrosse jersey
$160 * For all Returning Rhino Box Players from Session I players. Players must bring their Rhino Box jersey from Session I with them


All players must bring FULL GEAR including:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Shoulder/Arm Pads
  • Mouth guard
  • Lacrosse stick
  • Turf shoes/Sneakers
  • Athletic clothes (shorts, t-shirts, socks, etc.)
  • Water bottle