Is Box Lacrosse Good For Defenders?

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Here at Rhino we often get phone calls or emails regarding whether playing the indoor game is beneficial for defensive players or as I like to call them; longples. There is a funny thought that many seem to have in that if a long pole were to play any form of lacrosse without their six feet of metal and might that there can be no benefit to their skill set. I personally , and wholeheartedly disagree with this thought process and so do the boys over at Check out their recent post with an interesting and somewhat passionate twitter debate over the benefits  box lacrosse can bring to a defensive player. While this argument, err shall we call it a debate, is far from perfect there are some very interesting and valid points made by Connor Wilson and in the comments following the article. Read it with a grain of salt and enjoy the show.

You can see the entire post HERE.

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