BREAKING NLL NEWS: Ryan Powell Joins The Boston Blazers

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Marisa Ingemi of tweeted that Ryan Powell had joined the Boston Blazers.  I checked it out on ILIndoor and HOLY %&$#, it’s true!  The Blazers have now picked up some UNREAL players since last season inlcuding Casey Powell, Sanderson, Cosmo and Rubisch through the draft, amongst others.  This is just a huge move by the Blazers.  The Powells have an unnatural connection and since so much of the Boston O already runs through Casey, this should be a good fit.

I have already spoken to the problems in Boston.  They need to spread the ball more and get others involved earlier on in games.  Hopefully, by adding Ryan Powell to the mix, they can accomplish this.  But just like bringing in Powell and Sanderson, this will take time.  Boston now has more talent on their roster than almost any other NLL team but they still need to come together and play as a unit to win it all.  They are certainly on track, but as their back-to-back losses last weekend demonstrate, they are nowhere near perfect.

I, for one, am glad to see Rhino back in the NLL and it should be a pleasure to watch him play with Casey.  Both of the Powell brothers are tough as nails, play with unmatched intensity and have helped spread the game of lacrosse to every corner of the United States, and beyond.  This is a good move, and although my above thoughts may seem a bit negative, I’m only being realistic.  Additional talent is great, improved team play is better.

All this being said, the signing is still pending league approval

Ryan Powell NLL lacrosse lax Boston BlazersPowell driving hard to the net. Will this work in Boston? Probably.

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